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Nominations for People & Environment Awards for Businesses

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The Soil Association is supporting the inaugural People & Environment Awards for Business 2011, launched by King Lion Media & Evergreen Events, which will take place on 12 October 2011 at the National Geographic Store on London’s Regent Street. Nominations are open until 26 August 2011. 

The People and Environment Awards for Business (PEABs) have been launched to celebrate green initiatives being good for business as well as for the planet. The awards showcase excellence and innovation as demonstrated by an individual or team within an organisation of any shape or size, public or private sector, whose contribution to the „greening“ of UK businesses has been genuinely effective.

The awards recognise exceptional leadership, vision and key strategies, which may inspire others in the future. They highlight the people who are creating Britain’s greenest businesses, who understand and respect the planet’s precious resources and who are prepared to make changes today to improve future wellbeing. Making a nomination is straightforward and free. More information is available here

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