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Northern Ireland will deliver organic milk to Sainsbury’s

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The organic milk market is currently experiencing supply shortages after years of oversupply with imports meeting the shortfall. A recent report by the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSC) predicted Britain would face organic milk shortages over the next couple of years, reversing problems of organic milk surplus' that have plagued the industry since 2000.

Organic milk from Northern Ireland is now going on sale throughout Great Britain. The London based supermarket chain Sainsbury's has signed a deal with leading food processor in Northern Ireland, Dale Farm, which will put over 2 million litres of organic milk from the province into more than 300 stores over the next year, reports the Belfast Telegraph Digital.
This follows a significant rise in customer demand following the relaunch of Sainsbury's organic brand last autumn. James Laws, Sainsbury's Northern Ireland commercial manager, said: "Northern Ireland produce is becoming more and more popular not only at home but throughout the UK.” He adds: "In fact, during the Christmas period, we experienced a 43% rise in the sales of organic food and drink. In response to this rise in demand, it was essential to increase our supply of organic milk.”


Dale Farm will supply Sainsbury's stores across Great Britain with 40,000 litres of organic milk per week. James Laws: “This deal is good news for Dale Farm, good news for Sainsbury's and good news for the Northern Ireland economy."
Jason Hempton, Sales Manager (Ireland), Dale Farm, said: "We are delighted to win this supply contract with Sainsbury's as it will provide a valuable outlet for our local milk which is among the very best quality in Europe."
Dale Farm is owned by 2,500 local dairy farmers and is already the largest dairy processor in Northern Ireland, according to the Belfast Telegraph Digital.





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