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One in three Britons grow their own fruit and vegetables

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According to a new research, one third of the population in Great Britain is cultivating tomatoes, peas, cauliflower and potatoes. Of those who are not growing their own food, 63 % plan to do so within two years instead of buying fruit and vegetables from supermarkets. Prices of staple groceries rose by 12 % over the last year, which has added £ 750 to the average annual grocery bill. The survey revealed that 46 % of the 1,027 people interviewed said cost was the reason for them growing their own food. 15 % stated that they didn't trust supermarkets to provide 100 % organic goods. Another 29 % of the interviewed mentioned having children and interest in their diet as the main reason for growing their own fruit.


The study also revealed that 64 % of parents gave their children organic fruit and vegetables. 61 % of the surveyed stated health benefits as the main reason for their organic choice, and 24 % said they did so because it tasted better. It also emerged that 60 % of the interviewed had been taking more of an interest in organic food since having children.


Celebrity chefs also helped to change the image of gardening. Growing vegetables was no longer reserved for the older generation or people owning allotments. One of those chefs is Jamie Oliver, who praised the health benefits and financial savings resulting from growing one’s own food. Television programmes such as River Cottage Spring, in which villages are tasked with turning wasteland into allotments, have also made a contribution.




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