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One million school meals a day in Italy

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About one million school meals with organic ingredients are served in Italy every day. This number was revealed at MIA, the international food fair at Rimini. The annual report on school meals 2006 was presented by Bio Bank and showed that the number of school cafeterias which serve meals totally organic or with organic ingredients has reached 658. This means an increase of 2 % on 2005. The spreading of organic school cafeterias has about doubled within the last ten year.


By regions, Emilia Romagna is the leader with 127, followed by Lombardy with 111 and Tuscany with 80 school cafeterias. Veneto (72), Friuli - Venezia Giulia (68), Piemonte (38), Marche (30), Lazio (25), Trentino Alto Adige (24), Liguria (20), Basilicata (14), Abruzzo (11), Puglia and Sardegna (8), Umbria and Campania (7), Sicily (5), Valle d'Aosta, Molise and Calabria (1 each) followed. With 142,000 organic meals a day, Rome was the leader among the communes, followed by Milan, Turin, Naples, Geneva, Florence, Bologna, Verona, Venice and Parma.


The official number of the organic meals served every day came to 896,000. But many cafeterias have not been able to supply the details, so it is estimated that one million organic or partially organic meals were served.


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