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Opening of the first organic Café in Prague

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The first organic Café called Bio Cafes in Prague has been opened in October 2005. It has an unique modern design, which offers a great selection of fresh organic drinks and food. Bio Cafes is opened daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Street Americká 8 in Prague 2. The first organic Restaurant in Prague was already installed by Albio about 2 years ago. (The photo was taken of the Country Life café and restaurant in Prague, which is only partly organic)


Bio Cafes is a concept created in 2004 by Euro-cafés SA and Eurofranchise SA, two Luxembourg companies owned by private equity investors. The corporate structure of the company is a stable base for its activity and its strategy as well as for Bio Cafes partners and Landlords. In the Czech Republic, Bio Cafes is run by Euro-cafés CZ, s.r.o. It has a highly experienced team which is implementing the developed concept in all its aspects. The Bio Cafes restaurant launched officially in the Czech Republic during October 2005 in Prague 2, Americká 8 with one planned opening every following month in locations such as Na Pøíkopì, Kaprova St, Eden shopping centre etc. The Bio Cafes in Kaprova St. is going to be the flagship of Bio Cafes for the Czech Republic. This will be the premier example of the standards which will be set by Bio Cafes as a franchising product in the Czech Republic. From 2006, the Bio Cafes concept will be duplicated in Slovakia and Poland before being franchised in other European countries. With its steady growth, Bio Cafes is always looking for new locations in Prague and other Czech main cities (Brno, Plzeò, Ostrava...)


(photos: Tom Vacvlavik)



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