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Organic Food in an Elementary School in Verona Sponsored by NaturaSì

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With 43 stores, NaturaSì is Italy’s leading company in the distribution of organic products. They have launched a new project in a school in which 120 pupils and their families are involved. An all-round experience is provided for the children. They prepare their own cold dishes like desserts and salads. At the same time, the children are taught about the geographical origin of the products, they learn about the recipes they prepare and how to take special care in the case of food intolerances. NaturaSì have donated all the products which are, of course, strictly organic. Projects like this and similar ones like cooking classes and meetings on organic food for students and their parents are organised every year. This initiative was established to spread the culture of organic food and healthy eating through young people and their parents and to make them understand the importance of correct nutrition which respects the environment.


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