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UK: Organic September and Organic Beauty Week

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Organic September 2014 is a great opportunity for all to get involved and communicate the benefits of organic. This year's campaign will once again be using the Small Change, Big Difference marketing theme, encouraging consumers to make a small change in their everyday lives in order to make a big difference to food and farming. Retailers, farmers, growers and brandholders in the UK are encouraged to get involved and tell the Soil Association about their event or promotion. More information is available here and here.

The Small Changes, Big Difference campaign also took place last year. In September 2013, organic food sales increased by nearly 9% bringing an absolute increase of £7.9m (about €10m) to the sector. Monthly sales in September 2013 showed an increase of 2% with many categories such as tea, cereals, yoghurts, and poultry showing exceptional growth and far outperforming the non-organic products in these categories, the Soil Association reports.

Promotion of organic non-food products (beauty and textiles) is also planned for Organic September 2014. An Organic Beauty Week will be held, scheduled for 08-14 September 2014, to increase awareness of organic health and beauty products and their benefits. The Soil Association is meeting with retailers and contact national media, including women’s, family and beauty magazines to create more awareness of their standards and promote organic health and beauty products. They be actively promoting the week through social media and on their website. People are encouraged to take part in this event too. More information on the Organic Beauty Week is available here.




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