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Organic cotton acreage increasing in the USA

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

In 2007, close to 6,800 acres of organic cotton were planted in the United States. This means an increase of 14 % compared with the previous year, according to the Organic Trade Association. Farmers in six states were surveyed (California, Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas) and stated that their plantings will increase by another 13 % next year, reports The Daily Green.


Even though acreage has increased, the harvest decreased 2007 by 16 % due to the weather. This might be a reason for prices going up 47 % on average for upland cotton and almost 27 % for pima cotton.


Organic upland and pima cotton only represents 1 % of the cotton planted in the United States, according to the National Cotton Council of America. 87 % of that crop is grown using genetically modified seeds.




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