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Organic sun care range to be launched

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

At the Beyond Beauty trade show in Paris, the launch of a new organic sun care range was announced for early 2008. It is created by Laboratoire Serval based in Southern France and includes two sun creams (SPF 15 and 30) and an after sun product, all certified by Cosmebio. The products will be available in supermarkets and large retail stores across France before next year’s summer season, reports Cosmeticsdesign-Europe.


The sun creams use mineral filters to provide the SPF effect. When formulating organic cosmetics, the preservative is the most complex to develop. The head of research and development at Laboratoires Serval explained that the unopened product would last three years and one year after opening. Therefore, the products will be sold in small quantities.


The team agreed that the organic range would have to have a perfume with character and a fresh and modern design for the packaging. The range joins a small number of certified organic sun care which is mostly available through specialized retailers and online sites. The company stated that the products would be slightly more expensive than its non-organic ranges, but cheaper than many of the competitors.



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