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Sales of organic food will continue to rise in the UK

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Market research company Nielsen and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) surveyed more than 1,000 consumers about their personal finances and spending intentions. The study revealed that premium brand and organic food sales were still growing even though confidence among British consumers was extremely low.


According to the senior manager at Nielsen’s retailer service, Mike Watskin, the Nielsen/BRC UK Consumer Confidence index was now at 79. Last year’s index stood at 91, which had been the lowest score since the launch of the survey in 2003. According to M. Watskin, the fact that the score went down by a further 12 points showed how much consumers were being stretched. UK consumers showed themselves more pessimistic when compared with others around the world.


If consumers understood quality and benefits of buying more premium lines, many were willing to spend more money on food, according to the Farmers Guardian. Supermarkets said premium brands had an important role to play. Tesco senior buyer Andrew Carter, for example, stated that Tesco was looking at ways to attract consumers to buy into higher-welfare tiers.


Organic produce also remained a key part of the marketplace even though consumers had less money to spend. Sainsbury’s said growth in organic sales was ‘fuelling its current growth spurt’ while market research company Mintel revealed that, despite the credit crunch, it expected the organic market to grow 44 % by 2012. A spokesman for the Soil Association mentioned that a 10 % growth was expected this year, which was four to five times more than the general food market experiences in a good year.



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