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Short Film on benefits of organic food

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Mouth Revolution is a 4.5 minute live-action film, parodying history and contemporary culture. At the same time, viewers are informed about the importance of eating organic food. Revolutionary mouths take it upon themselves to decide what to eat, detailing their objectives and demands: No trans fats, no GMO, no pesticides and no artificial ingredients. John Foraker, CEO of Annie’s Homegrown explained that  the staff at Annie’s is committed to offering delicious snacks, which do not contain artificial ingredients, trans fats or GMO. They were also dedicated to teaching people why to choose natural and organic food. The film was made to spread this message. Jonah Sachs, President of Free Range Studios, stated that their work was about making complicated issues “digestible”. Their first hit, the Meatrix, had exposed the horrors of factory farming. The new film would aim to show people how to take control and eat in a healthy way.


Viewers are invited to take action – to learn more about food and to connect with organizations working to change current legislation about these issues. Non-profit partners are Trans Free America, Campaign to Label GMO, Pesticide Action Network and the Organic Consumer Association. California-based Annie’s Homegrown offers organic alternatives to traditional comfort foods ever since the company was founded in 1989. It was the first to create and introduce organic macaroni & cheese and is now the nation’s leading natural and organic macaroni & cheese brand. Free Range is a 20-person company, enabling clients to communicate key messages to transform the society through the innovative use of digital media. The Studios have won numerous awards during the past years. Amnesty International, Stonyfield Farms and Environmental Defense are just some of their well-known clients. (Picture: The Mouth Revolution)



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