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Sipal Partners offers first organic fructose syrup

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Sipal Partners is proud to offer the first organic fructose syrup on the market. Its exceptionally high fructose content of > 95% makes Seda-Fruct the ingredient with the highest sweetness level on the organic products market. It is multi-purpose and therefore can be used, for example, to enhance the flavour of drinks, yoghurts, fruit preparations, baby food, ice creams, etc., and meets the demand for products with a low glycemic index.


The expertise of the two partners makes Sipal Partners the organic syrups specialist. The unique range of products it offers is based on grain syrups (rice, corn, malted barley, spelt, kamut), starch syrups (wheat, manioc), fruit syrups (dates, figs, prunes), wheat starch and wheat gluten. The variety of the range makes it suitable for many different uses (sweeteners, bulking agent, coating, natural colour, cereal taste, prevent crystallisation, crispness, fat replacer, etc) in all sectors: biscuits, drinks, yoghurts, fruit preparations, breakfast foods, cereal bars, ice creams, baby food, sauces, etc. Sipal Partners products have the following certifications: EU, NOP, AB, Demeter, kosher, GMO-free and gluten-free.



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