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Spiezia Organic skincare on organic labels

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A survey undertaken by Spiezia Organics skincare highlighted consumers have a hard time understanding the labels on skincare products. Even consumers who considered themselves to be well-informed were unable to know the difference between pure, natural and organic. Spiezia Organics, a licensee of the Soil Association, commissioned an independent survey of 100 customers, 87% of whom called themselves committed organic buyers, and 53% stated they looked at labels before buying.


More of half of the surveyed stated to be unaware that the ingredients on skincare products were always listed in percent order of constituents with the highest percentage being listed first. Nearly half thought pure, organic and natural statements on packaging meant that these products did not contain any chemicals, according to responsesource. 39% of the interviewed did not know what percentage of natural ingredients must be used to make a ‘natural’ product and a further 24% said it would be 100%.


71% believed that organic meant that  had been added to the product and 6% believed it meant the product was handmade. 31% did not know what percentage organic ingredients were required in a product labelled ‘Made with Organic Ingredients’ and a further 37% guessed at 100%.


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