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The new EU logo

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The new EU logo (picture to the left) has been confirmed by a majority of 265 for to 80 against, despite the discussion about the word “bio” in the logo. The new EU regulation permits the combination with graphical or textual elements referring to organic farming if it does not change the nature of the logo. Therefore, it will be possible to make clarifications ensuring the logo is associated with organic farming.



However, since the new logo is similar to the one (picture) advertised by Aldi’s range of organics, the logo has not officially been unveiled yet by the EU Farm Commissioner. The Commission is to look into the matter with Aldi. It still remains unclear what course of action this will be, since the current logo was theoretically agreed upon by the member states. The similarity of the two logos was raised by an organic farmers’ association at the Advisory Group on Organic Farming. 



Pending a response from Aldi, the organic logo would require the formal adoption by the Commission, the publication in a special coloured edition of the Official Journal, for it to become applicable three days after.





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