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Tully’s serves 100 % Fairtrade and organic espresso

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Tully’s Coffee Corporation has announced that all espresso beverages served in its stores would be made from 100 % Fairtrade and organic espresso from now on. This move is the first and largest commitment to Fairtrade and organic espresso by a multi-unit coffee house retailer and includes over 90 company-owned stores. The new espresso is also available at its 48 franchised stores.


The espresso was introduced at the University in Washington in 2006 and then in the company’s San Francisco area locations in April 2007. John Buller, President and CEO of Tully’s Coffee Corporation, stated that the switch to Fairtrade and organic espresso represented Tully’s commitment to advance the company's goals in becoming an even more socially responsible, environmentally aware organization.


But the company has even gone further. Since Tully's considers its cups the number one source of waste in their stores, they have introduced fully compostable cups. This makes Tully’s the largest coffee retailer to offer compostable cups in the country. According to Tully’s, hot beverage cups use a petroleum-based lining to prevent the walls from leaking and breaking down when filled with hot liquid. Tully’s new Green Cup uses a bio-plastic, corn-based lining making the cup renewable and BPI certified compostable.



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