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UK: Co-op’s fight against Colony Collapse Disorder

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

In recent years bee populations around the world have died due to Colony Collapse Disorder. British bee keepers have lost up to a third of hives over last winter, which was blamed on the use of certain pesticides. The British supermarket chain Co-Op therefore announced to ban any foods grown using the chemicals harmful for bees from their own range of fresh products. The Co-Operative also stated it was donating £ 150,000 for research into the fall of the number of honeybees, and would be planting a wild flower mix alongside crops on its farms in a trial to support bees.
Members of the Co-operative will be invited to view a film on bee declines, will have access to 20,000 packets of free wild flower seed mix, and bee boxes will be available at a special price, reports the Telegraph. Co-operative Farms, the UK's biggest farmer with 25,000 hectares, will also ask beekeepers to establish hives as part of a "Plan Bee". The Government has just announced an extra £4.3 million for research and protection of bees after finally accepting that there was a problem.



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