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USA: Organic items are essential items

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

At the inaugural Health Foods International Exposition and conference, the results of a new study, which had tracked 1,000 consumers from November 2007 to May 2008, were revealed. The data supported the premise that organic foods were essential items, according to SmallCap Sentinel analyst Brian Kelly.


He continued that with participants indicating their willingness to pay a premium for healthy foods, the study suggested to the organic industry that they marketed products in a way for consumers to manage their health conditions, offered more private-label and prepared-food solutions in the healthy foods category, and made more locally grown and natural products available at the supermarket.


Respondents indicated they were spending approximately 7.7% more on healthy foods in May than they did in November - $ 191.45 per household per month, compared with $ 177.69. The survey showed that 97.7% of respondents spent a portion of their grocery budgets on healthy foods in May, up from 96.5% in November, and it also revealed that 47.6% of households reported at least half their purchases consisted of healthy foods.



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