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USA: Biotech Proponent Appointed as Secretary of Agriculture

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

When former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack's name first surfaced as a possible Secretary of Agriculture, it triggered an outcry among progressive foodies, reports Alternet. The Organic Consumers Association organized a massive campaign in which 20,000 emails opposing Vilsack were sent to the transition team. That Vilsack is a proponent of ethanol and biotech shouldn't come as a surprise, as Obama campaigned on the same page. He's been a cheerleader for TransOva, an Iowa corporation that specializes in bovine cloning, Vilsack is reported to have frequent contacts with Monsanto executives while governor, including taking rides on the corporate jet. And perhaps most troubling for local agricultural interests is Vilsack's support of legislation that would take away the rights of cities and counties to restrict the use and distribution of genetically modified seeds.

Source: alternet


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