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Up-to-date business information for the organic sector

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The 2009 edition of the Organic Farm Management Handbook has been published by Aberystwyth University and the Organic Research Centre Elm Farm.It includes gross margins for a wide range of crop and livestock enterprises and chapters on marketing, certification, organic conversion, whole farm performance, environmental management and sources of further information.

“This latest edition of the Organic Farm Management Handbook comes out at a challenging time,” said Dr Nic Lampkin, Senior Lecturer at Aberystwyth University.  “The media are highlighting the challenges facing the organic market, but many other sectors in the economy are suffering similar problems. It is very difficult to predict how the organic market will respond to rising food and fuel prices and the recession, which are putting pressure on household budgets and levels of disposal income. Despite this, there are some areas of the organic market that are continuing to grow despite the economic problems. The organic market has come through previous recessions and there is no reason to expect that it will be different this time.” The 2009 Organic Farm Management Handbook is priced at £17.50 plus post and packing; trade and bulk orders (five copies or more) are £12.50 plus post and packing at cost. It is available from or

IBERS Aberystwyth University has also published farm business survey data for organic farms in England and Wales in 2006/7. The results of this Defra-funded survey show that organic farmers achieved higher incomes than comparable conventional farms in the year ending April 2007, reflecting the improved market conditions for organic producers at that time. Organic dairy farmers in particular saw a large increase in incomes compared with 2005/6. Full details of the 2006/7 Organic Farm Incomes in England and Wales results can be downloaded from:



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