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Vegan and organic - perfect couple or relationship full of tension?

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

At BioFach 2014, suppliers of vegan products were able to exhibit for the first time in a separate trend category at the Novelty Stand (Picture: Novelties at BioFach 2014). Over 100 of the 500 or so innovations registered were from the vegan sector and were very popular with the over 42,000 trade visitors. Many of these foods have been listed for retail ever since. In 2015, BioFach will be devoting a separate special exhibit area to vegan products. BioFach talked with Prince Felix of Löwenstein, organic farmer and Chairman of the BÖLW (Federation of the Organic Food Industry in Germany), about the trend and the sector's view of it.

Prince Felix of Löwenstein explains that the vegan way of life is helping to reduce the consumption of animal food products and encouraging people to look at the way animals are kept and fundamental dietary matters. Organic vegan agriculture may be a viable option for one or two farms, but not for farming as a whole, since it makes it difficult to provide plants with nutrients – especially with light soils and even if nitrogen-collecting plants are grown. The combination of livestock farming plus crop cultivation offers better options. When people decide to buy something, they have to take responsibility. This applies for the consumption of animal food products as much as it does for the decision to buy regional and seasonal products and to appreciate their food and not waste it. The full interview is available from BioFach.



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