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UK: Waitrose switches speciality sugars to Fairtrade

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Waitrose has announced that its entire range of own-label speciality baking sugars has been switched to Fairtrade, with small-scale farmers in Mauritius set to benefit from every bag that is sold, the Fairtrade Foundation reports. The supermarket chain offers seven own-label speciality sugars, ranging from golden caster sugar through to dark brown muscovado sugar. These types of sugar are frequently used in baking because of the depth of flavour that they deliver. (Picture: Fairtrade Foundation / Simon Rawles: sugar cane producer

Waitrose has worked with its farmers and cooperatives in Mauritius for many years. Through Fairtrade certification, these farmers have been supported to develop democratically-run organisations and to minimise their impact on the environment. In the past, sugar cane co-operatives in Mauritius have invested their Fairtrade premium in a range of projects including new farm machinery, protective equipment, and to fund school fees and materials for farmers' children. For every tonne of sugar they sell on Fairtrade terms, they earn a US$60 premium (6 Cent per kg) that can be invested as the farmers choose, in their businesses or social projects that will benefit their community. It is estimated that the Waitrose switch will generate in the region of US$115,000 in Fairtrade premium in the first year alone. More information is available here.



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