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Yeo Valley’s spends ₤ 3.6 m on advertising campaign

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Yeo Valley is ready to launch the organic sector’s biggest ever advertising campaign, which will cover television, press and posters. The campaign will run for the entire year. With spending ₤ 3.6 m, Britain’s largest organic food brand will support the relaunch of the entire range, including a new brand design, new products and improved recipes.


Press and TV will use the theme “A Breath of Fresh Air from the Country”. The brand is sponsoring the weather forecasts in some British regions and reach around a third of homes in the country.


According to the  marketing director, the "Breath of Fresh Air” line highlights the brand’s natural background. Nielsen data revealed that Yeo Valley Organic has a share of 60 % of the organic yoghurt market and is brand leader in the organic liquid milk and butter markets as well.



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