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Atelier Zuhal launches second GOTS-certified label

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, the WA-based artist-designer of Atelier Zuhal, has announced the launch of her second organically certified label – this time in the world of eco-sustainable Fashion. Like Atelier Zuhal, Green Embassy is setting new standards in the field, providing a much-welcome antidote to the world of mass-produced manufacturing. As Australia's first internationally recognised organic 'slow' fashion label, the garments have Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification, the leading standard for quality assurance in organic textiles manufacturing in the world.

Each Green Embassy garment is a hand-made labour of love and extraordinarily unique. One organic alpaca-fibre dress, for example, can take up to 30 hours of work as the process involves hand picking, cleaning, washing, drying, carding, spinning, felting, design and sewing. Since Green Embassy's launch this year, the cutting-edge brand has made a bold entry into the fashion world. Kuvan-Mills is exhibiting her limited-edition alluring and minimalist garments in organic trade shows and eco-fashion events in Australia and overseas. She has been invited to participate in the Vancouver Eco-Fashion Show and the NYC Eco-Fashion show in the US next year.




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