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Approving eco plant protection products to become simpler

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The EU Parliament intends to speed up the authorisation procedures for bio pesticides. The portal reports that the members of parliament are calling on the EU Commission to make the corresponding changes to the law. They have said that currently the authorisation for alternatives to glyphosate and similar products is complicated and taking too long.
In the resolution passed by the parliamentarians they emphasise that the use of traditional plant protection products is rightly an increasingly controversial issue. They point out that currently EU authorisation has been issued for only seven alternatives classified  as active ingredients with low risk.

Some member states have refused permission for products containing low-risk active ingredients of organic origin “because these products are alleged to be less effective than synthetic chemical pesticides,” but without taking account of of the “benefits of resource efficiency in ecological/organic farming and the agricultural, health-related and ecological costs of certain other plant protection products.” This is a quotation from the resolution on the portal.

By the end of 2018 the  EU Commission now intends to present draft legislation that will make it possible to accelerate the evaluation, approval and registration of pesticides and herbicides of organic origin. In addition, member states ought to incorporate low-risk plant protection products in their national plans. According to, Vytenis Andriukaitis too, the EU Commissioner for health and food safety, argues in favour of a simpler approval procedure.






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