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Comment by Gerd Schnepel |

Monsanto being soon a German company will experiment a lot more war and resistance than in the US with their picketing lines. Laws, consumers, the eco movement including green guerilla actions will cause them more problems and make life not easier for them. And it is more honest anyway: it was a strange situation to be called to sign and act in favor of "real" capitalist competition, whilst Marx already showed us the inevitable course to monopoly capitalism that this nowadays outdated system has to take.

Welcome in Germany and Europe! The people is waiting for you, Monsanto delinquents, false scientists, corrupt politicians and lying public relation officers.

Comment by GrannySue |

People realize that Syngenta is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Monsanto, right? Meaning that Monsanto will remain the largest seed, pesticide and GMO seller on the globe. Has anyone considered the research done on GMO and also on glyphosate as it impacts both health and agriculture? So Bayer comes in with remedies that will now be offered by BASF???? Who is kidding who?? And we do realize that both BASF and Bayer were founded by people sentenced at Nuremberg? REALLY?!?!?! Why not bring in IG Farben, Baxter and Pfizer too - then they could all be one big happy family once again. This time the trials should be in Geneva.


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