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BioFach review: exhibition halls full – exhibitors delighted

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BioFach Eröffnung mit viel Polit-Prominenz und

PIcture: BioFach opening with a lot of political with a lot of political celebrities. The orchstra performed Beethoven´s "Joy of the Gods". Photo: NürnbergMesse

Again a  record number of visitors and a sharp increase in the number of exhibitors. NürnbergMesse, represented by Petra Wolf and Danila Brunner, was absolutely delighted with the four days of  BioFach and Vivaness. Danila Brunner said that in order to provide even better facilities for exhibitors and visitors Halls 4A and 8 as well will be made available next year.

Starker Besucherandrang ab dem ersten Tag.

Picture: a rush of visitors from the first day.  Photo: NürnbergMesse

However, for some people Germany had not made itself prominent enough and too little was seen of it as the Country of the Year. But there was nevertheless a tour of the exhibition halls to visit German flagship companies and the Future Strategy for Organic Farming (ZÖL) was officially introduced by the minister and welcomed by the various associations.

ZÖL – strategy paper praised

At the launch of BioFach the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, presented the key points in the Future Strategy for Organic Agriculture (ZÖL) and  confirmed that the ministry's  target was to see 20% of agricultural land managed organically, together with the corresponding level of sales. He said the catering sector was a sales channel that it was important to develop further. BÖLW chairman Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein calculated that, with annual growth of 11%, the 20% was achievable by 2027. He offered Minister Schmidt constructive cooperation in implementing  the Future Strategy for Organic Agriculture. Since there was not much time left before the election to the Bundestag, he stated that ZÖL was a blueprint for the next government too.

Minister Christian Schmidt (in the middle) at a panel to present the Future Strategy for Organic Agriculture

Picture: Minister Christian Schmidt (in the middle) at a panel to present the Future Strategy for Organic Agriculture. Photo © Karin Heinze

You can watch short interviews and hear statements by exhibitors (in the order of the statements) in our video review. On the last day of the fair you could hear the positive views of many exhibitors expressing positive opinions about the trade fair.

Petra Wolf and Danila Brunner, NurembergMesse, Christian Schmidt, German Minister of Agriculture, Alexandre Harkalay, international certification organisation IBD, Brazil, Helene Birk, OrganicDenmark, Dr.Eugene Milovanov, Organic Federation of Ukraine, CEO of Plantrich Pvt.Ltd, India and others.


Internationality has arrived

“What we're really pleased about is the fact that the international exhibition halls have now most definitely become an established feature. The offer of the 87 countries represented here – that's what interests the visitors,” says Petra Wolf, a member of the  NürnbergMesse management. She said that the visitors were keen to see the diversity of the professional offer from neighbouring countries in Europe and also from overseas. The  internationally active countries in the organic sector make full use of the double trade fair as a platform for  customer care and maintaining contacts, and the import – export business has long since ceased being a one-sided activity. Everywhere in the world national organic markets are developing that are supplied by German and European manufacturers, as Alexandre Harkalay from the Brazilian certification organisation IBD reported.

Auch in der Vivaness-Halle wurde die Internationaliät deutlich: Große Stände aus Frankreich, Spanien, Italien oder aus Russland waren hier zu finden.

Picture: Also in the Vivaness-Halle the internationality became clear: large stands from France, Spain, Italy or from Russia. Photo © Karin Heinze

International organic markets are developing very well

The USA, as the biggest organic market by far with a global market share of nearly 36 billion euros (2015), and Germany, as the second biggest with 9.48 billion euros (2016) and the strongly growing markets in 2015 and 2016 in France, Italy and Scandinavia, are especially interesting target markets.

Der Neuheitenstand war Anziehungspunkt im Foyer Eingang Mitte.

Picture: the novelties stand at the central entrance attracted many visitors. Photo: NürnbergMesse

New products and innovations

Ein Auftritt mit Aha-Effekt - die bekannte Marke Birkenstock steigt in die Naturkosmetik ein.

Danila Brunner, department head for BioFach and Vivaness, was delighted with the wide offer and the abundance of new products that confirmed the stability of the convenience and vegan trend. Moreover, new approaches were apparent, as were upcoming new trends. Of course, the power of innovation applies to more than organic food.

“There are great young companies,”  said an enthusiastic Petra Wolf with reference to Vivaness. Everywhere in Hall 7A you came across new products, with a concentration of them on the New Product Stand, where nearly 260 products were on display. You couldn't miss the stand of a well known brand that was presenting its range comprising nearly 30 products. We await with interest the development trajectory of Birkenstock Naturkosmetik, that is certain to be global. 


Picture: an appearance with wow effect - the well-known brand Birkenstock enters the natural cosmetics. Photo © Karin Heinze

Vivaness: Internationality and innovation 

You could discover exciting  products and concepts especially in the Breeze section, where international newcomers have a platform. The same applied to the stand of the innovative firms in Germany, that was supported by the ministry. The young companies in particular are grateful for the opportunity to make themselves known and to get feedback from industry insiders and the trade.

The high level of international attendees can be seen increasingly at Vivaness. For the expert on the natural cosmetics industry Elfriede Dambacher, Naturkosmetik Konzepte, it is precisely the combination of the diverse offer by classic brands with a long tradition and young niche brands, and information and internationality, that attracts many decision makers and makes Vivaness an international market place.  “Vivaness was vibrant and reflected the dynamism of the natural cosmetics market,” said Dambacher.

Baims: Naturkosmetik made in Brasil für den deutschen Markt.

Picture: Baims Natural Cosmetics made in Brazi. Photo © Karin Heinze


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We'll inform you soon about BioFach and Vivaness in more articles and reports.




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