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China Day at Biofach in Nuremberg

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Green & Safe Shanghai

Picture: organic supermarket Green& Safe in Shanghai

With the increasing awareness of food safety issues, more and more consumers began to choose organic products. In
2014, the annual sales revenue of organic products in mainland China has reached above 3.7 billion Euros, which makes
China the world’s 4th largest organic food consumer market. As a stable growing market with huge potential opportunities, Chinese organic industry succeeds in attracting the attention from all over the world.

Under the motto "Organic 3.0. in China" the China Day takes place during the BioFach in Nuremberg on Thursday, February 16, from 9:30 to 12:30 in NCC West, Room Venedig.


9:30 Welcome message
Mr. Darren Guo, Managing Director, NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.
Mr. Liu Ping, Deputy Director General, China Green Food Development Center

9:40 Organic 3.0 in China – market, policies, and regulations
Mr. Xia Zhaogang, Executive Deputy Director, China Organic Food Certification Center

10:00 BIOFACH CHINA – reliable marketing partner in China
Ms. Tracy Feng, Project Director, NürnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.

10:20 The revolution of organic technology in China
Prof. Urs Niggli, TIPI International President

10:40 China, a growing market for natural personal care products
Mr. Yao Yongfeng, General Manager, Shanghai Jinmu Trading Co., Ltd.

10:55 China Organic food market and import policy
Tingting Zhang, Co - founder, Organic and Beyond;
Zimo Ni, Global Sourcing Manager, Organic and Beyond

11:10 The consumers and organic lifestyle in China
Ms. Kang Yanli, Marketing Manager, HONA Organic

11:25 Chinese organic food with geographic characters, world’s favorite products
Mr. Tang Xueyuan, Deputy Director General, Heilongjiang Green Food Development Center, China

11:30 Network between Chinese and international organic companies


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