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COP22: Manifesto for a Bio Morocco and for the Support for a Bio Africa

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Andre Leu, President of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) was speaker at the COP22 Green Zone debate by the federation of Moroccan organic agriculture professionals (FIMABIO) in Marrakech.

He emphasised the important role that organic argiculture can play in fighting climate change effects and boosting food security. He highlighted the global momentum towards adopting organic agriculture to counter climate change, reported the North Africa Post

Leu explained especially the “4 for 1000” initiative, which aims to increase the amount of organic matter in soil by 4 per thousand (0.4%) each year, which would be enough to compensate for all global greenhouse gases emitted due to human behavior. Practising organic agriculture definitely supports the efforts to  reduce greenhouse gas emissions before the point of no return. Average organic systems can store around 3.5 tons of CO2 per hectare per year, Leu explained.

The President of FIMABIO invited the Moroccan government to include organic agriculture in climate resilience plans. This is also documented in the  “Manifesto for a Bio Morocco and for the Support for a Bio Africa” which was released during the event and calls for including the promotion of organic agriculture in the COP22 agenda.





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