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CropLife urged EPA to remove scientists from glyphosate panel

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According to GMWatch the leading epidemiologist Dr Peter Infante was removed from the glyphosate cancer review panel because the Monsanto and industry funded group CropLife had specifically demanded that to EPA.

CropLife argumented Dr Infante might favour independent research over industry-funded studies. The EPA has capitulated to CropLife, commented GMWatch.

The Huffington Post gave some background to the Infante case. The EPA planned a public meeting in October to clarify if glyphosate is safe or not. But after intense lobbying by the agrichemical industry the meeting was postponed and at least two scientists were disqualified from the panel.

CropLife also said that because Infante was the “only epidemiologist on the glyphosate SAP” he would have enhanced influence in the evaluation of epidemiological data about glyphosate and cancer.

Infante spent 24 years working for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration helping determine cancer risks to workers during the development of standards toxic substances, including asbestos, arsenic, and formaldehyde. His resume includes a stint at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health where he conducted epidemiological studies related to carcinogens, and he has served as an expert consultant in epidemiology for several world bodies, including the EPA and the World Trade Organization WTO, Huffington Post reported.


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