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Ethical and sustainable fashion companies to know about

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There are massive wage gaps for labour costs in the global textile industry when comparing Western Europe and North America to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, Business Vibes reports. Some companies in the textile industry are helping to eliminate this issue and are also proving safe and clean working conditions, workshops, and supporting sustainable livelihoods altogether.  Among those is Beaumont Organic, which pledges to donate 1% of its annual profits to a school in Taveuni, Fiji. Bottletop products enhance the techniques of some of the most highly skilled artisans from around the world. The company has raised money for education projects in Africa and has their core product made in Salvador, empowering women in one of Brazil’s poorest communities. The philosophy of Braintree is simple: to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for the environment.

Do You Speak Green? provides an eco-friendly stylish line of yoga and loungewear created by Fusion Clothing. Everything is made in their own GOTS certified factory. They also use oxo-biodegradable bags, ensuring the bag will gradually decompose. The company makes organic cotton clothing, as well as bamboo & organic cotton blends, recycled clothing and more, in their own GOTS certified factory. Since 1992, the company has been supplying their ethically manufactured garment to Europe, North America and Australia. Their founder, Shishir Goenka, has just made a presentation at the GOTS conference in Mumbai and the company will be present at the Outdoor show in Germany in July. More information on the companies above as well as on other enterprises to support can be found here.






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