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EU: ban for British GM crops?

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As a leaked report by the European Parliament shows, there are plans to ban British products if they are contaminated with genetically modified organisms.  

Recently the UK government gave the final go-ahead for a new experimental crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat. The planting will take place this spring (we reported earlier). Potatoes should follow.

Soil Association newsletter quoted a report by The Times (Feb 17) that says that the EU Parliament is concerned that UK food standards will be relaxed to US levels. And further, the it is reported, “if the UK wants to maintain food trade with the EU, it will have to think about farming practices, what it imports, and from where”.

The newly developed GM wheat plants that have been modified to carry a gene from a wild relative called stiff brome meet the concern of GM critical organizations. Farming minister George Eustice indicated that the government was open to re-examining the position on using GM crops after the UK leaves the EU.



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