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Fairafric: crowdfunding for fair chocolate

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The German-Ghanaian chocolate start-up fairafric has launched an investment campaign on the crowdinvestment platform Seedrs. The funds from the campaign will be used primarily to expand production in Africa, as the local team is hardly able to keep up with orders from Europe. Fairafric Managing Director Hendrik Reimers: “Our original sales plans for the turn of the year 2017/2018 were clearly exceeded.” According to the company, more than 60,000 bars of organic chocolate have left the storage within the past two months.

In 2016, the company has started producing fair chocolate directly in Ghana. Since autumn 2017, there have been seven varieties in organic quality. Customers can buy the chocolate in Weltladen shops in Germany and Austria, in many organic shops and in the fairafric online shop. Reimers explains: “Every sold chocolate makes a small but crucial difference. It creates jobs and brings five times as much income to Ghana as traditional chocolate, which is not produced in the country of origin of the cocoa”.

The Seedrs-campaign is running until February. By then, a minimum target of 100,000 euros has to be reached to realize the funding. Seedrs provides investors with the opportunity to support growing companies with small amounts of money.





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