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France: Vote against proposal for a new glyphosate license

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Spraying pesticides

By autumn this year, the EU will decide whether Glyphosate will be re-authorized or not (Photo © Fotolia)

Produced by the US agrochemicals company Monsanto, Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. A ten-year renewal of glyphosate’s license was proposed by the College of Commissioners in May. This October respectively November, the 28 EU member states will vote on the proposal at the Phytopharmaceuticals (PAFF or ScoPAFF) meeting, as the pesticide’s authorization expires by the end of this year. According to, an EU diplomat reported, that France has recently contacted several diplomatic services in Brussels via email in order to find out about their opinion regarding a possible re-authorization of glyphosate. Critics of the pesticide invoke on research results by the World Health Organisation suggesting glyphosate may be carcinogenic. As a consequence, opponents demand the ban of the herbicide. Thus, the proposed re-authorization has initiated a huge discussion in Brussels and the EU capitals.

About two weeks ago, the French government stated that France will vote against the re-authorization of the pesticide and thus, against the European Commission’s proposal for a renewal of the license for glyphosate. However, French farmers are struggling against Minister of Environment Nicolas Hulot’s intention to block the renewal of the glyphosate license, as they fear disadvantages for conservation farming such as huge increases of costs due to high-priced alternatives. In addition to that, experts apprehend the development of a black market for glyphosate, which could result in its illegal use.




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