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German retail trade wants more GMO-free milk

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With the introduction of  its Milbona brand GMO-free fresh milk nationwide, the German discounter Lidl has set an example. More retailers are expected to follow suit and will soon be selling GMO-free milk.

 The industry publication  Lebensmittelzeitung (LZ) writes that Lidl's initiative with GMO-free fresh milk will increase the pressure on the industry. Other retailers are already asking dairies for the same offer for their own brands. There will be a new round of negotiations in November on liquid milk and the issue will be discussed on that occasion. Arla Foods alone is anticipating demand of up to 1 billion kg of GMO-free milk by the middle of next year. The suppliers are currently paid a premium of one cent to encourage the use of GMO-free animal feed.


Limited animal feed prevents rapid conversion

It's hardly likely that large quantities of GMO-free milk will be available quickly and countrywide. There is a shortage of the  right kind of animal feed, but also the higher costs and the separate collection and storage of milk are creating big problems for the dairies.  Lidl introduced its GMO-free milk in the middle of July. It is certified with the logo of the Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik (VLOG)  and it uses this in its marketing. Lidl explains that more dairy products like cheese,  crème fraiche and cream are to follow this year.

GMO-free of interest for exporters too

VLOG Managing Director Alexander Hissting is convinced that more retailers will concentrate on offering GMO-free milk. He points out that it's worth applying the same standard to exports too. He sees as potential customers China, with its growing, quality-conscious middle class, and the USA. He says that it could be a unique selling point for German producers.



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