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Comment by The Ecocert Group |

The Ecocert Group wishes to clarify a few points with regards to this article :

The title of this article suggests that we may have been unreferenced on the overall German organic retail market which is not correct. Ecocert is still listed in the BNN guide and will be accepted until at least 2022.

In order to raise consumer awareness, we believe it would be essential to provide accurate and relevant information including an in-depth comparison between the requirements of each eco-label currently on the German market.

The Ecocert Natural Detergent standard is one of the strictest eco-friendly labels
Our standard was created in consultation with stakeholders such as manufacturers, distributors but also consumers. Our main objective is to certify environmentally-friendly detergents, by promoting the use of natural origin ingredients, including organic ingredients where possible. Our standard’s requirements have been developed with a view to minimising the environmental impact of the products we certify. This had an influence on all the choices we have made with the industry. This standard has been recognised internationally and valued for over 10 years thanks to its strict requirements.

Ecocert is also the only ISO 17065 accredited body for natural/organic detergents thus providing clients and consumers with substantial guarantees through independent audits and the delivery of certifications.

Referring back to the guidelines, focusing simply on two criteria and excluding all other requirements cannot serve as a basis for qualifying the thoroughness of any kind of certification process

Our professional label and the high level of our environmental requirements have been recognised not only in France by the ADEME (French Environment & Energy Management Agency) in a recently released report on accredited and trustworthy labels, but also in Germany by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie) as well as internationally through organic retailers’ networks and consumer studies.

Last but not least, Ecocert has always been transparent on its standard’s requirements, which are available from our website. This standard is subject to change and every time we are consulted, we always provide all the necessary explanations and technical support in this field.


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