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Germany: Ecofinia wraps chocolate brand Vivani in eco packaging

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Vivani Chocolates

More space for art and sustainable values – this is the goal of the German company EcoFinia. Consequently, all chocolate bars from EcoFinia's Vivani brand will be presented in a refreshed artistic design as from February. At the same time, the respective packaging will be converted to sustainable materials.

Another aim of the relaunch is to reach a new, younger audience as well as to live up to its own ecological standards. The new Vivani product range will be presented for the first time at BioFach.

Innovation is the only way forward in life

Vivani CEO Andreas Meyer explains: „The relaunch has primarily aesthetic reasons for us. Like the artist, we always strive for new impulses. At the same time it was a good opportunity to make some further changes, such as switching entirely to ecological packaging. We have to show that the organic scene is always able to set new trends, which is what makes us authentic and strong.“

The new packaging will feature well-known paintings by artist Annette Wessel and with its aesthetic, timeless design, EcoFinia promises to be able to increasingly convince younger customers of their premium chocolates. In addition to the aesthetics of packaging, the revision of product packaging plays a key role. For example, the fully compostable NatureFlex™ film which is made from sustainable wood fibre, will replace the previously used aluminium foil. The paper wraps and cardboard boxes of the chocolates are also FSC-certified and printed with mineral oil-free printing inks. Another innovation is the climate-neutral production. Since autumn last year, EcoFinia's production partner, the chocolate manufacturer Weinrich, compensates for all CO2 emissions that are emitted in chocolate production through the PROJEKT TOGO climate project.

Raw materials from sustainable certified origins

EcoFinia also takes a further step forward in the area of raw material extraction and can therefore rely on sustainable "Santo Domingo" cocoa which meets both Bio and UTZ standard. The combination of both certifications covers ecological and social components and guarantees the consumer a range of sustainable maxims. Selected raw materials also meet Fairtrade or other BSCI-compliant sustainability standards. Under the slogan "KIDS for KIDS" EcoFinia continues to fight against child labour in cocoa cultivation.




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