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Germany: Minister presented future strategy of organic farming

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The future strategy of organic farming (ZÖL) was presented by the Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, at BioFach. On nearly 100 pages goals and measures are outlined to push the organic sector in Germany. 

Panel with the Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt at Biofach

Picture: Panel with the Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt (second from left) at Biofach
The minister confirmed the goal of increasing the proportion of organic arable land from 6 per cent to 20 per cent. The funding of the organic farming program is to be 30 million euros per year. The cultivation and processing of protein crops, such as soya, lupins, or peas, will continue to be supported by 6 million euros annually.

However, every farmer should still decide which form of agriculture he wants to operate, the minister said. But it is important to get out of the logic of "growing or yielding". The strategy of the future also includes measures that should lead to a stronger perception of trade in organic products. Also the gastronomy must find a better entrance. In addition, research will focus more on questions of agricultural engineering and simplify seed legislation.
Mr Schmidt also sees the development of the planned total revision of the EU Eco-Regulation as a positive one. A proposal drawn up under the Maltese presidency leaves space for the German position, he said.
BÖLW chairman Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein welcomed the 20 percent target. Moreover, the whole value-added chain, from production to sales, is the subject of the strategy and has received a positive response from it. The ZÖL should become a common cause of the entire government so that there are no obstacles from other ministries.

Presentation of the FUture Strategy of Organic Agriculture



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