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Germany: New standard for therapy-related cosmetics

by Leo Frühschütz (comments: 0)

Woman creams her hands.
Until the end of 2021, urea, panthenol, allantoin and biotin may be used under the new Nature Thanxs standard for therapy-accompanying natural cosmetics. © Shutterstock/New Africa

With Nature Thanxs, the Society for Applied Business Ethics (GfaW) has introduced a new standard for skin care cosmetics for neurodermatitis and other skin diseases.

The label of the new standard. © Nature Thanxs

In principle, the usual requirements for natural cosmetics apply to these tested care products. The Society for Applied Business Ethics (GfaW) has developed the standard Nature Care Products (NCP) for this purpose, which is also accepted by the assortment guidelines of the specialist organic trade. In addition, however, Nature Thanxs allows the usage of four nature-identical active ingredients that cannot yet be produced from natural raw materials:

  • urea
  • panthenol
  • biotin
  • allantoin

The active substances mentioned will be tolerated up to a defined quantity and for the time being until the end of 2021. The aim of the time limit is to stimulate the development of substitutes that can be produced in accordance with natural cosmetics standards.

Supporting substances so far without seal

Urea and panthenol are standard as moisturizers in neurodermatitis creams, panthenol also has an anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. Allantoin is considered to promote wound healing and softens the cornea. Biotin has been proven to improve nail quality.

The active ingredients are also used by natural cosmetics manufacturers, such as Bioturm. However, these petrochemically produced ingredients mean that the products produced with them and labelled as accompanying therapies do not receive any of the common natural cosmetics seals. GfaW wants to fill this gap with Nature Thanxs.


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