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Glyphosate: EU environmental committee votes against the pesticide’s re-authorization

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Spraying Pesticides

Glyphosate poses many risks for humans, animals and the environment (Photo © Pixabay)

With 39 yes-votes, the European Parliament’s environmental committee has voted against an extension of the glyphosate-authorization. According to a press release by Martin Häusling, 9 members casted no-votes and 10 abstained from voting over the re-authorization. Häusling is a member of the environmental committee (ENVI) and the European Parliament as well as the coordinator for the Greens/EFA in the agricultural committee (AGRI).

Petition against glyphosate

This week, the European Parliament will decide about the resolution in the plenary. Häusling invokes: "Now the parliamentarians and the civic society have to take the chance and ban the pesticide from the acres." A petition against the re-authorization of glyphosate can be signed here. At the moment, over 250,000 people have signed the petition.

In a study commissioned by the Green parliamentary group, the Pesticide Action Network shows the risks glyphosate poses for health and environment as well as alternatives to the pesticide.




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