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Great May march against Monsanto

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In response to Monsanto’s GMO activities, March Against Monsanto’s main peaceful protest of GMOs in the global agricultural industry is an annual march, held in multiple cities globally, reports the Huffingtonpost. This year’s march was scheduled for the 21st of May, and taking place in 382 different cities across 6 continents. One of the largest attended marches is the group’s New York City march held in Union Square Park, Manhattan. This year, March Against Monsanto has invested in large-scale advertising campaigns to coincide with the yearly march.

Initiatives such as March Against Monsanto’s annual march are crucial to fight against GMOs as these events unite supporters in a global setting against a greater cause. The global rally against Monsanto has expanded past the agricultural industry, making its way to the mass through the entertainment industry. Artists such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Neil Young, and Astronauts of Antiquity having expressed both their support against Monsanto, working this support into their creative processes.

Being discussed in books, politics, and entertainment, GMO and the accompanying role of Monsanto is no longer an issue solely attributed to the agricultural industry. As awareness and understanding spread of the possible dangers of GMOs and Monsanto, influencers from many industries are using their crafts to speak out against Monsanto’s role in GMO chemicals in food and pharmaceuticals.


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