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IFOAM EU survey: Making Europe more Organic

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Our food & farming systems need a profound transformation, explains IFOAM EU. Through IFOAM EU-led workshops in the framework of the Vision 2030 process many of you suggested ways in which the food & farming sector, civil society & policy makers can bring forward the changes we need.

At the 10th European Organic Congress that took place in the Netherlands, 4-6 April 2016 important speakers from policy, associations, NGOs gave their contributions to the topic 'Transforming Food & Farming through Organics'. You can watch a summary on our video. The vision and strategy work started already at the IFOAM Organic Congress in Latvia 2015

Now IFOAM EU Group asks their members to take the survey to let them know what is missing and/or to share successful initiatives. 

Based on your suggestions, IFOAM EU will then develop a roadmap for all the actors to start – or continue – actively shaping the agri-food systems "we all want to see in Europe and beyond", says IFOAM EU.

"Take a moment to read through the draft document and let us know your feedback through this survey before 16 January 2017.

Your response will help us align the actions and showcase relevant practices or initiatives to inspire more concrete actions adapted to national or local levels. Feel free to share the survey widely in your networks."

The final roadmap will be launched at the 11th European Organic Congress in 2017.

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