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IFOAM Organic World Congress 2017 in India

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The registration for the 19th Organic World Congress is open. It will take place in November 2017 in Delhi, India. People and organisations who would like to present at the 19th OWC, have time until 30 November 2016 to submit a paper. The 19th Organic World Congress (19th OWC) is taking place 9 - 11 November in India. "Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet with stakeholders of the organic sector, to share knowledge and know-how, and devise concepts to grow the organics", invites IFOAM Organics International.

Call for Papers for the Marketing Track

The Organic World Congress is unique in its focus on smallholder family farmers and their innovations. Markets - with their own dynamics - may be a challenge but can also provide opportunities for farmers if there are good partnerships between the actors in order to ensure fairness and sustainability, explains IFOAM -Organics International.
Shorter supply chains and emphases on the relationship between the actors in the chain bring the grower, processor and the consumer closer and thus benefit all stakeholders. Integration of organic farming with fair trade will create new synergies. Trust and trust building measures that promote fairness and ensure empowerments of family farmers for example through Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), deserve special attention.
The Track Committee calls for papers that elaborate on these thoughts

There will be 12 sessions over the three days. Each session will have 3-4 oral presentations and 3 poster presentations. You can learn more here. Papers have to be submitted by 30 November 2016 here.  Registration has also opened here.

Affiliates of IFOAM - Organics International benefit from a reduced price. To ensure you get the special discount, affiliates enter this code: OWCLE03 for each staff member you register.





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