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Italy: New NaturaSì bar and refreshment concept in Milan

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Italy’s organic supermarket chain NaturaSì has launched a new concept to serve its guests - NaturaSì bar e ristoro bio (NaturaSì organic bar and refreshment) -  at the Piazzale di Porta Lodovica 3 in Milan. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 7.30 a. m. to 7 p. m. and has room for about 30 people. It can be reached through the NaturaSì supermarket or via a separate entrance.

NaturaSì bar e ristoro bio offers breakfast, lunch and snacks – sweet and salted bakery products, made for all tastes, for example, warm dishes, based on cous cous or with cereals and vegetables. A wide range of drinks like juices, yoghurt, milk or plant-based drinks as well as coffee is available. Particular attention is paid to each ingredient and product so that the dishes and drinks can be served to everybody, and it is assured that producers work according to organic guidelines and beyond.

Dishes are prepared with great care, so flavour and nutritional values of the ingredients are preserved. Of course, the ingredients from the supermarket are used and guests can easily reproduce the meals at home. “We want to enable our guests to take a break in a pleasant environment and also make them curious about the meals we serve - what the ingredients of the dishes are, where they come from and how they are produced”, Orlando Bortolami explains, who is responsible for the implementation of this new catering format of the company. NaturaSì currently runs over 130 supermarkets in Italy. For April, five new openings are scheduled. More information is available here.




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