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Japan: new Fukushimaya tasting market in Tokyo

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Author: Mimi Kuhlmann, Global Organic Network, Japan

When the only supermarket near Akihabara station closed in August last year, many people said that they would like to see another store in that location. On 20 December 2016 their wish became reality.

Fukushimaya, founded in 1971, are supermarkets that are highly appreciated as stores that sell only carefully selected food. The company already has a store in Roppongi and Osaki, and Fukushimaya Tasting Market in Akihabara is their third.

Fukushimaya quality

Fukushimaya is famous for the fact that agricultural products display the presence of nitrate nitrogen that binds to amino acids in the body and turns into carcinogenic substances. Crops cultivated in fields treated with too much fertilizer and containing a lot of nitrogen have a high nitrate nitrogen content that is clearly displayed in order to alert the customers.

In the store you see "Fukushimaya's safety standard display". Items marked with ○ indicate products that are considered safe, and those with ◎ are items with a high level of safety. It goes without saying that they don't sell products using synthetic preservatives and synthetic coloring agents. 

There is a large area devoted to bread, sushi and lunch boxes, side dishes, fresh fish and meat, and products are made by hand using ingredients available in the store.

Tired of shopping, you can take a break with a coffee or sweets. In addition to the coffee kiosk, there are plenty of chairs in front of the entrance where you can enjoy the snack you bought in the store. In order to expand the activities of Fukushimaya Tasting Market as a meeting place for students and consumers, they are planning to conduct courses on choosing the right foods and cooking classes.



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