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Kyrgyzstan to become 100% organic within ten years

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Yaks in Kyrgyztan
Yaks in the Kyrgyz mountains. © Shutterstock/Dinozzzaver

After Bhutan’s announcement to switch to a 100% organic agriculture by 2020, Kyrgyzstan’s parliament now also announced plans to convert the country to an agricultural model which is completely organic, reports Sustainable Pulse. The government has been instructed to implement a 100% organic agricultural food production within ten years by Dastanbek Djumabekov, Chairman of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. With around 40% of the labor force, the Kyrgyz agricultural sector is one of the largest and most important economical branches oft he country.

Excluded substances

According to the organic regulation and the state’s written order, in the future Kyrgyz farmers are not allowed to use any agrochemicals, pesticides (toxic chemicals), synthetic substances, hormones, growth regulators, feed additives, GMOs, antibiotics or other additives other than organic certified products for plant protection and organic fertilizers. As Sustainable Pulse writes, the Committee on Agrarian Policy, Water Resources, Ecology and Regional Development of the Parliament has been confided to take control over the implementation of the plan.


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