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Lammsbräu sues Danone and Fresenius

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The organic pioneer Neumarkter Lammsbräu filed a lawsuit on behalf of Qualitätsgemeinschaft Bio-Mineralwasser and numerous medium-sized mineral springs at the Frankfurt an Main Regional Court against the German subsidiaries of the major international groups Danone and SGS (SGS Institut Fresenius).

Misleading labels on Volvic-bottles

The reason for this is the misleading use of the „Natürlich Bio“  label (Engl.: "Naturally Organic") and the by Fresenius awarded to its customers make-believe-organic-seal "Premium mineral water in organic quality" for the Danone product Volvic. Lammsbräu had already drawn attention to this in a warning against Danone in November and called for omittance.

"Since Danone has not yet been willing to renounce the use of misleading statements and the sham organic label, legal action is now required to protect consumers and organic principles," says Lammsbräu.






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