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Luxembourg: Organic sector growing slowly

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Organic shop in Luxembourg

On 10 March 2015, Fernand Etgen, the Minister for Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, released the latest statistics on organics in Luxembourg. Currently, there are 119 organic farms in the Grand Duchy: 60 farmers, 18 beekeepers, 14 cultivators of vegetables, 12 wine growers, 9 fruit growers and 6 others. Additionally, 95 processors are working according to organic guidelines and three importers for organic products are registered. Organic land amounts to 4,000 hectares in Luxembourg- a small increase on the previous year. Supply of organic products can still not meet demand.

A number of actions have been taken to promote organics, like organisational meetings on the conversion to organic farming and an award called Bio-Agrar-Präis. The buying guide for organics was also updated. A highlight in 2014 was the presence of the organic sector at the agricultural fair in Ettelbruck. About 30,000 people visited the fair and professionals as well as the broad public had a chance to learn and exchange their knowledge on organic agriculture and its objectives. Bio-Letzebuerg was present at the Haff-Fest at Kass-Haff in Rollingen to represent the organic sector on occasion of the 90th anniversary of the biodynamic movement. More information (in French) is available here.



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