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March against Monsanto around the world

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The wolrdwide sixth annual March Against Monsanto attracts again 10,000s of people on Saturday, May 20. News reports a picture of solidarity. News and social media report from the March Against Monsanto protests like those from Switzerland, Bangladesh, Toronto and in the U.S., Denver and Miami painted a picture of solidarity against what’s come to be known as the most evil corporation in the world  as the Organic Consumer Association (OCA) assumed in its newsletter.

To stand up in solidarity against Monsanto the OCA has launched a #Resist and #Regenerate Movement, that "aimed at resisting the corporate takeover of our food, farming, and political systems by electing new local, state and federal politicians, and by engaging in consumer campaigns . . . but also advocating for solutions that will "regenerate" — not only those systems, but our health, our environment and our local economies."

With the help of concerned citizens and conscious consumers in moving beyond online “clictivism” and protests, to on-the-ground political and consumer action this movement is built, explains OCA. And further: "The #Resist and #Regenerate Movement is launched on, to help reach new activists, and to give them the tools—and motivation—to work on local issues and local elections." The OCA hopes activists will use the platform to connect the dots between their work, with the work other food, farming, natural health, climate and social justice activists are doing, in their shared communities.



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