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New Zealand: Nationwide launch of Anchor Organic

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Fonterra's Anchor brand is making organic milk more accessible to New Zealanders with the nationwide launch of Anchor Organic. Anchor Organic milk has made been available to cafes, foodservice outlets and dairies since April and will be available in supermarkets from 18 May. The milk is sold in Anchor’s 100 per cent recyclable light proof bottles, which prevent light damaging the milk keeping it fresher for longer.

Fonterra Brands New Zealand Managing Director Tim Deane said that with other organic milk brands only available in certain regions or very expensive, Anchor is on a mission to make organic milk more widely available at a fair price. Anchor Organic milk drinkers will be able to trace their milk from the fridge back to the farms it comes from. The organic milk is sourced from Fonterra organic farmers in Manawatu, so the farms where the organic milk comes from can be pinpointed and it can be followed from the farm right through to the supermarket shelf.

“We want to put organic milk in reach of more New Zealanders. We’ve done just that through our nationwide distribution and providing Anchor Organic at an everyday price that works out at only about 20 cents extra per glass compared to our standard Anchor milk,” said Mr Deane. According to a survey, 72 per cent of New Zealanders claim they would buy organic milk more often if it was more affordable, and 25 per cent told the company that if it was available in their regular supermarket that would also make a difference. The total domestic organic food and beverage market is now worth more than NZ$133 million (about €89 million) and the amount of organic milk sold domestically over the past year has increased by more than 50 per cent. More information is available here.





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