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OCA announced #ConsumerRevolution and #PoliticalRevolution platforms

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With the start of the new political era in America the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced to fight hard against the expected bad conditions for organic farming, GMO labeling and consumers right to know what is in their food.

The new USDA Secretary of Agriculture will be former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue. "Another millionaire climate-denier, Perdue is a cheerleader for the worst of the worst agribusiness corporations", writes OCA-founder Ronnie Cummins. HE continued: "Based on his history, Perdue will have no interest in protecting the interests of rural farmers, farm workers or consumers from the routine poisoning of our food, water and air by factory farms, pesticides and GMOs."

Therefore the OCA decided to set up two platforms to protect the most basic of human rights:

#Consumer Revolution 2017-2020

According to Ronnie Cummins the overarching goal is: "Force corporations that sell consumer products, including food, clothing, drugs and personal care products, to respond to consumer demand for truthfully labeled products that have a positive impact on human health and are produced using regenerative processes and practices that not only prevent harm to human health and the environment but also measurably improve soils and combat global warming."

These are:

(1) Move toward making organic, 100% grass-fed, and regenerative food and farming the norm, not just the 5-percent alternative in the marketplace, by doubling sales of organic to $80 billion by 2020, and by increasing sales of U.S. grass-fed meat and dairy, and organic and pastured poultry and pork by at least 400 percent by 2020.

(2) Achieve a 50-percent reduction in sales of GMO food and animal feed by 2020, with the aim of driving GMO animal feed off the market.

(3) Force major food brands and companies that fraudulently label their products as “natural,” “organic” or “GMO-free” to remove misleading labels and/or transition their products and production methods to organic and/or regenerative practices.

(4)    Increase market share for clothing made from organic cotton, wool and other natural fibers through a high-profile “Care What You Wear” campaign that encourages consumers to boycott GMO cotton and synthetic fibers.

#PoliticalRevolution 2017-2020

Overarching goal: Reform the current political process to create a democracy that works for all people, not just wealthy corporations and the 1%, by uniting the food, climate, economic and social justice, natural health and peace movements in a coordinated effort to support candidates, elected public officials and policies, at the local, state and federal levels, that support our common goals.

More information on the website.


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